Things Fall Apart …

It’s been a busy March for Lynwoods. We’ve taken-on a number of new and interesting instructions. We’ve been out on the road investigating extensive flooding and drain damage to a holiday home park in North Wales, and investigating numerous other building defects affecting properties across Merseyside and Cheshire.

We’re glad to be helping people to negotiate deals with their insurance companies and we’re greasing the wheels of property deals by helping to put some basic building problems right. As we’ve said before, entropy only flows in one direction and things fall apart without proper maintenance and care. Bad design can also lead to problems down the line – as we’ve seen again numerous times this month.

We have a jam-packed April coming up: with new project management instructions, structural survey appointments and insurance reinstatement tenders to procure. Stay tuned for updates on the perils of shoddy basement conversions and yet more Japanese Knotweed !