Maintenance is crucial to the survival of buildings. Unfortunately for building owners and occupiers, entropy only flows in one direction and the condition of a building does not improve of its own accord: mortar weathers away, timber decays and steel corrodes. Because of this, buildings require regular care in order to maintain their condition.

A proactive approach to maintenance is the best way to protect your building against this endless depredation. A regime of maintenance will save you a lot of frustration in having to deal with the consequential failures that arise when maintenance is ignored. It begs the question then why so many building owners and occupiers fail to implement even the most basic maintenance plan and do not intervene until failures have occurred – by which time the issues are often more difficult and more costly to deal with.






If you’re a tenant of a commercial property your lease will oblige you to repair and maintain the property to a certain standard. For some tenants, this obligation seems to be low on their list of priorities. However, if you do not honour this obligation during the lease period you will face having to reimburse the landlord for carrying out the work after the lease has ended – by which time you will have lost control of the work and the costs and any favourable contractors’ rates or working practices that you could have otherwise enjoyed the benefit of.

You will also have to pay the landlord’s costs in preparing and serving a schedule of dilapidations upon you; including the surveyors’ fees, solicitors’ fees, management fees and the like.

For these reasons it is always our advice to commercial property tenants to have a maintenance regime in place and to carry out repair and maintenance obligations during the lease period.

As a building owner or occupier we can advise you on the most cost-effective way to manage your maintenance liabilities and can put together for you a planned maintenance regime including schedules and maintenance works specifications. We can also tender the works and we can organise and manage contractors on your behalf if you do not have your own in-house team to ensure that your liabilities are properly dealt with whilst you concentrate on your core business operations.

Contact us today, tell us about your business and your property and we’ll let you know how we can save you time and money.

examples of recent maintenance projects:

Organising and managing drainage repairs to a business park
Scheduling a scheme of repairs to an 18th Century Listed barn conversion
Organising and managing lease-end repairs and redecoration to a 1960’s industrial unit
Providing a local womens' charity with pre-lease advice on minimising future repair liabilities