There are numerous stages to a building project: from inception of the scheme, to appraisal and feasibility, to concept design and development; through to tendering the works, delivering the construction and then to post-works appraisal. There are also many challenges to procuring a building project: even the smallest jobs have their difficulties, their design challenges and their regulatory hurdles to overcome. For these reasons, employing a professional team to assist you is the best way to ensure that the usual risks associated with a building project – such as cost overruns, time delays, non-compliance with standards and defective construction – are minimised.

In our experience, project risks are more prevalent in the homeowner and SME sectors where the standards and procedures of large-scale commercial construction are not found.

in the homeowner and SME sectors the main problems we see are:


Homeowners and SMEs engaging builders to carry out work on their property – often costing tens of thousands of pounds – without there being any formal written contract in place.

Building Regulations

Client’s instructing building work without obtaining Building Regulation approval, and employing builders who have little care for procedural matters.

Poor Advice

Client’s committing to projects on insufficient budgets, impossible timescales and with unrealistic outcomes in mind. Incorrect solutions to building problems is also an issue that occurs from time to time.

Substandard Work

Homeowners and SMEs trying to save money by engaging the cheapest builders – again, often with no written agreement in place – then ending up with a substandard job that is difficult to put right, especially if the work doesn’t comply with Building Regulations.


our process for delivering your project


Get in touch; let us know your ideas, your requirements and how you need our help and we’ll review the circumstances and propose outline solutions to best suit your needs.


We’ll formulate the best strategy in the circumstances having taken account of the key factors: budget, timescales, legislation, and specialist skills and advice.


We’ll ensure the right measures are in place to deliver your solution; ensuring that your risks are minimised, your key obligations are met and that you’re fully informed.


We’ll then organise, manage and deliver your project within the agreed parameters – with continuous review built into the process to stay flexible and to keep everything on track.

examples of recent projects carried out:

The full over-roofing of a 1970’s industrial unit
The conversion of an attached home garage into a design studio
The refurbishment and conversion of a 1930's former public library to office space
The extension and full refurbishment of a 1990's medical centre, adding new consulting rooms

If you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner or occupier then we can assist you in procuring your building project. We have a broad range of design, procurement and contract administration experience: from refurbishing commercial and industrial premises to home improvements and extensions on a variety of residential properties. Over the years we have developed good relations with a wide range of trusted and competent contractors, local builders, suppliers, structural engineers and other construction professionals to enable us to put together a complete team for all requirements.

If you’re working to a tight budget then we can work with you to develop a building project that strikes a balance between your budget expectations and your design and performance requirements, without taking undue risks or compromising construction standards or regulations.

Contact us to discuss your project and we’ll get things moving today.