Site Investigations

Lynwoods Building Consultancy Site Investigations

Lynwoods has been breaking backs recently with our friends at Demeter Environmental, investigating retaining wall foundations around one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings. It’s been an interesting trip into the past; researching historic construction methods and details to find out why failures have materialised decades later. Once again we have reaffirmed our belief that it’s not how deep the foundations are that counts, it’s what they’re built off. And if they’re built off little more than compacted clinker fill and asphalt like this they simply won’t stand the test of time. Leaning of the retaining walls will be inevitable.

Lynwoods and Demeter Environmental have been working together to collect precise details of construction methods and sub-soil composition to advise engineer’s acting for the building owner. The information and details collected will form the basis of a suite of remedial works to be carried-out in the near future. We look forward to a solution emerging so the building can be further safeguarded for future generations.