Lynwoods in The Community – November 2017

We’ve been out this week with some burly bravehearts doing our annual bit for charity. Continuing our relationship with the Swan Women’s Centre in Litherland, Liverpool; our kind volunteer tradesmen have been fixing-up some roof leaks, cleaning out the gutters and bagging up the endless piles of leaves that seem to grow when your back is turned for two minutes. Burpees to start with in the morning to get warmed-up, red rubber gloves on, things were then off to a flying start and the bags were soon piling up quick. Thanks again to everybody who gave up their time and energy to help us out on the coldest day of the year (apparently): Ben, Liam, Rob and Harry.

If you’re in need of womens counselling services on Merseyside then please contact the Swan Women’s Centre¬†on 0151 933 3293 and they’ll be glad to offer their support in their newly-refurbished premises.

Please also kindly consider offering a donation to the centre via their donations page by following the link HERE.

We’ll be organising more volunteer events throughout 2018 and so if you’re interested in helping us then please get in touch and we’ll keep you posted. We’d also welcome the help of any trades out there – particularly painters with long ladders. Donations of skips for future events would also be most welcome! Cheers.