Japanese Whatweed ?

Japanese Knotweed: another building survey, another batch of the dreaded Donkey Rhubarb lurking in the borders. Even a small outbreak like this would be more than enough to give your mortgage provider cold feet and potentially sink your deal. This is one of many reasons why we always stress the importance of commissioning a full building survey if you’re serious about your property investment. Liabilities like this are easily spotted and evasive action taken before you’re £250K in the red on a property that then needs years of remedial work – not to mention the legal problems if it spreads to your neighbour’s carrot patch. Home Buyers Reports – and the surveyors who have to rush around completing several of these in a day – may not be careful enough to cover the gardens properly. If you want a comprehensive inspection of your potential new home then please call us on 07913238176 or email info@lynwoods.com and we’ll be glad to take care of you.