Expect Excellence

Lynwoods Building Consultancy Project Management Contract Administration

Lynwoods has recently been appointed by Expect Excellence as lead consultant in transforming their latest property acquisition to new office space. Amongst other services, Lynwoods will be:

  • Fully measuring the property and producing existing and proposed plans for Building Control approval,
  • Carrying-out a full feasibility study on the proposed works, and
  • Scheduling the outstanding repair and maintenance issues within the scope of works to ensure the building functions properly once reinstated.

Things are already moving quickly and working closely with Expect and with Building Control, the plans are coming together nicely. As we’ve discussed in the past, our approach is to work within the client’s budget and to design and specify the refurbishment works to ensure the budget is kept to. Working backwards from the maximum budget is the best way to strike a balance between the refurbishment expectations and the available funds. Large, older properties like this can be a potential money-pit and so extra care is needed to sensibly spread the budget around the keys areas.

As ever, Expect Excellence can expect excellence from Lynwoods and we’re thrilled to be helping them transform their building stock as the anchor of their services. This is another example of a forward-thinking company linking their building stock to their business strategy.

You can learn more about the services Expect provides by visiting their website – expect-excellence.org.

You can learn more about our thoughts on linking your property to your business strategy by visiting our blog post here.