Disaster Reinstatement

Following on from our previous post; Lynwoods has recently been given a number of new instructions to help reinstate properties that have been damaged in fires and other Acts of God. Working with our partners in structural engineering and in Building Control, we have been working hard to get things moving as quickly as possible. We are helping to reduce the turn-around times on these claims considerably by running a number of processes concurrently and by cutting-out wasteful 3rd party handlers.

Several of these jobs have thrown up a number of interesting issues; including the perils of failing to obtain statutory paperwork for your property conversion and the false economy of cutting corners on your refurbishment work. As we have demonstrated many times before, if you fail to obtain the key paperwork for your building project then you run the risk of encountering serious problems up the road – especially when a disaster strikes and your insurance claim is put under the microscope. If you don’t do things properly then you’re living on a wing and prayer that nobody finds the holes in your paperwork when your tenant misses the ashtray and a cigarette hits the shag pile.

If you want to sleep easy at night then do the sensible thing: employ Lynwoods to handle your project and we’ll guarantee you get a proper job and all of your paperwork with it.