Did thee feel the Earth move ?

‘He established the earth upon its foundations, so that it will not totter forever and ever.’

Psalm 104:5.

The earth may be a flat and motionless plane built off rock solid foundations, but if your garage is built off a small pocket of garbage ground then it’s going to totter and sink like a lead zeppelin. As we always say to our clients: it doesn’t matter how deep or how big your foundations are, it’s what they’re built off that counts. We have been out this week investigating a subsidence problem to a detached garage – subsidence that hasn’t affected the main house close-by. When looking into matters like localised subsidence there are lots of possibilities to consider: inadequate foundations, leaking drainage, erosion, nearby trees, nearby underground watercourses, poor ground conditions, over-loading or a combination of problems. Before you call out the underpinning team you’ll have to find the cause of the subsidence properly by investigating and ruling out all such  possibilities. Of course, this isn’t always clear at first glance and so more detailed site investigations are often necessary. If your building is on the brink of tipping into the Great Deep and you want to know if it can be saved or not then call us on 07913238176 or email your pictures to info@lynwoods.com we’ll help you figure out what’s unsettling the earth.