Bodged DPCs

If you’ve had injection damp-proofing work done on your home and you’re wondering why you still have woodlice in your skirting boards then it’s probably because you’ve had a bodge-up like this poor effort – where clowns have drilled the outer skin of the cavity wall, and not the inner skin where the problem is.

This type of work only stands a chance if the cavity wall has been treated on the inside too. By the time the placebo effect has worn off and you’ve realised you’ve been robbed, the installer will already be over the border in Mexico spending your money on Robustos. If you’re worried about dampness problems in your home then take advice from a Chartered Building Surveyor first and get to the bottom of what’s really causing the dampness. Injection damp-proofing installers will sell you this kind of remedial work all day – temporarily treating the symptoms and not the cause of your problem, and charging you a fortune for useless work that won’t stand the test of time.