In partnership with our sister company, Neptune Aerial Works, we deploy state-of-the-art remotely-piloted aircraft technology to assist us in undertaking building surveys, schedules of condition and maintenance surveys on commercial and industrial property.

This latest technology is enabling us to greatly improve our capabilities and the quality of our services to the property and development industries.

advantages of UAVs over conventional means of access:

Greater Reach

UAVs can reach inner roof slopes, narrow spaces, high or dangerous parts of buildings; and buildings surrounded by soft ground, dense vegetation or bodies of water etc. that conventional lifts and access platforms simply cannot reach.

Fast Deployment

Set-up and deployment of UAVs takes a couple of minutes and UAVs can be easily moved around the site without wasting time having to move and reposition bulky equipment.

Programmed Flights

Our UAVs can be pre-programmed with autopilot way-point mode to fly in various editable patterns – ideal for video surveying applications where smooth and structured sequences are required.


UAVs are battery-operated platforms; meaning no fossil fuel engines and no fumes on your sites.

We can offer to our clients professional aerial photography as well as video capture ranging from full HD to 4K resolution and all material is edited by an in-house team of experienced photographers and editors at Neptune Aerial Works. We can also offer the production of commercial property marketing particulars using aerial photography together with our professional property photography and 4K resolution 3D location images to give your particulars an extra edge.

Please contact us to discuss how remotely-piloted aircraft can assist you in your project and we will be glad to review your requirements and to offer the most appropriate solution that we can.

Neptune Aerial Works is a UK Civil Aviation Authority approved, and fully insured commercial UAV operator.